• Against Prejudice, Discrimination and Racism,

  • Believing in the power of linguistic and cultural diversity,

  • In order to strengthen the social unity,

  • We are aware that language is the biggest tool we have.

  • And we have taken upon us a duty to bring the people in need and volunteering charitable people together.

Haber Başlığı

SEYEV Celebrated April 23 at Arcadium With Scholarship Students!

With our ‘’children are not more important than your work, children are the most important’’ catchphrase, SEYEV’s ...

Haber Başlığı

A Voice of Education Concert with SEYEV: Fatih Erkoç & Ahmet Baran

SEYEV, which produces high-value projects to the masses without access to language training to reach more advanced levels of...

Haber Başlığı

BioCube Istanbul

Our Chairwoman of the Board of SEYEV, Seda YEKELER, took part in the opening speech of BioCube Istanbul, which was establish...

Haber Başlığı

TOBB University Health and Biomedical Community, ‘’ Support For Solving Today’s Problems and Tomorrow’s Solutions’’

With the support of SEYEV, Turkey’s education, innovations in the biomedical field and procedures and itinerary to be foll...

Haber Başlığı

Ahmet Baran: Dilin Kanunu Var

SEYEV, which has made various aids to advance education all over the country, especially voluntary language education, becam...

Haber Başlığı

TOBB “Future Medicine” 2017

Organized with the support of SEYEV, the event will take place at TOBB University between 17-18 May. The goal of the “Futu...

Haber Başlığı

Abdullah Tokur Secondary School Bocce Team

Abdullah Tokur Secondary School in Altındağ, which SEYEV has supported since 2015, has participated in Bocce Competitions ...

Haber Başlığı

SEYEV & TOBB University SBBT(Community of Health and Biomedical Sciences)Team Exchange Project: Kesikkavak Secondary School

Emirler Kesikkavak Secondary School, which is 150 km away from Ankara city centre, is a village school in Haymana district. ...

Haber Başlığı

Organ Donation Week

In order to raise awareness for organ donation, SEYEV Executive Board Chairwoman Seda YEKELER and Gürgan Clinic’s owner T...

Haber Başlığı

Seyev Young Academy

With the SEYEV Young Academy, our volunteers, who have achieved equal opportunity in education between the ages of 15-25, go...