TOBB ETU "All The Colors of the Business World"

Proje Hakkında

Sponsored by Seyev and Türk Telekom and organized by Innovative Development and Economy Society, the event was held between 3-4-5 February 2016.

In the organization which was participated by many esteemed speakers, Tüsiav President Veli Saritoprak, Ayşen Gruda, Seda Yekeler, Mutlu Gül, Barış Aydin and Türker Naslı gave many valuable talks such as how they face the difficulties they encounter in their business life and their solutions to these difficulties. They conveyed their experience to the young entrepreneurs and explained them what senior management is, what kind of business it is, what kind of challenges it has, and how they can continuously focus on the with more goals.

"All the Colors of the Business World By Seyev" took place with the participation of nearly 500 students and concluded with various technical trips.

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