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Language learning process, by its nature, can only be completed by listening and speaking. Bridging the gap between students and foreign language becoming a taboo is still a subject of research which has bee conducted by educationalists for years. Although students managed to conquer their fear of speaking English in the class thanks to the recent improvements, at the end of the lessons they don't have enough possibility to create a figure or area regarding to English language. Students have a prejudiced approach towards language education because of the problems like overcrowded classrooms and inadequate school conditions.

" Seyev Language Town" which is one of the most important projects of our foundation in the scope of which we have been trying to put an end to the distant approach adopted by student towards language learning and have been carrying out social awareness projects, was put into practice.

Having been started with the aim of adding a new perspective to a quality foreign language education and put into practice in Beytepe Secondary School for the first time, our project provides the schools with some places that we visit in a daily basis like "Post office", " Bank", "Greengrocer", "Restaurant", "Boutique", " Telephone Booth". Each kiosks created in the town where students can learn the English language through experience is big enough to take 4 students at the same time. There are certain vocabularies and collocations inside and outside of these kiosks defining their function and quality. While walking around on this street, students will see a mis-en-scene of an ordinary English street and will have the opportunity to improve their existing vocabulary knowledge.

In the framework of the Project, we endeavor to ensure that students make a constant contact with English language and the idea of foreign language in different places of the school. There are English direction names indicated with visuals throughout the routes leading to Language street. In addition to this, we put some word group lists frequently used in daily life on unused school walls which may actually attract studens' attention. Please visit in order to apply for it.

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