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SEYEV which has been supporting students in order to promote education and in particular voluntary language education all over the country, became the VOICE for the education of children with world famous qanun player Ahmet Baran and his team, who were students of Seda Yekeler 13 years ago.

Many benevolent Seyev volunteers gathered at the 'Language of Qanun' concert held at the Farabi Stage with the capacity of 650 people in the Faculty of Language, History and Geography of Ankara University which is one of the oldest universities in Ankara. At the end of the concert organized with the aim of raising awareness about the importance of foreign language education and to provide support to our students and families who do not have enough opportunities, all income earned was used to promote foreign language education and to buy school materials.

Seyev children and audience had a pleasant evening thanks to the concert started with the song named "if only life were a feast" performed by the music group consisting of Seyev volunteer students, Vahide Adasu Yılmaz, İzel Albayrak, Kemal Tarhan and Gökten Emir Atılır.

Afterwards, dear Ahmet Baran and his In the Name of Quanun project members, Gülden Vurandemir, Ceyla Ganieva, Ezgi İçellioğlu,Eda Boyacıoğlu, Muzaffer Nezihi, Soner Özer, Burak Çakır, Gizem Topal took the stage. They impressed the audience with their breathtaking music show throughout which they performed various international songs while contributing to 650 SEYEV students in the framework of " Voice for Education" project. Ahmet baran who met Seda Yekerler 13 years ago talked about the advantages of speaking a foreign language in his life and restated that speaking a foreign language is a window to the world.

Ahmet Baran, our esteemed qanun player, was awarded orders by 65 head of states and for the first time in Turkey, two qanun concertos was written for him. The instruments of famous artist for whom expert qanun makers produce special instrument series bearing his signature are sold all around the world and continue to be played by qanun enthusiasts in the four corner of the world.

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