About Seyev

About the foundation

Our mission—unchanged since 2005— is to raise awareness of the importance of Foreign Language Education, both nationwide and worldwide, facilitating enablers throughout the process and ultimately connecting them to respective recipients.

We are radical advocates of unconditional access to language education tools; publicizing the fact that every major conflict in our world can be boiled down by creating an atmosphere of mutual respect, underlining the fact that the first prerequisite of such atmosphere is verbal and cultural understanding. That’s why we are actively dedicated to this cause, saying no to prejudice, bigotry, bias and racism.

Meanwhile, SEYEV has continuously been supporting a number of villages and public schools in remote areas of the nation in an effort to remove the absence of a second language, English in particular, and identifying it as an obstacle for students envisioning their future, whilst helping them blow off their fears, anxieties and prejudices toward the foreign languages, pushing them one step further on a determinate path.

About the founder

She was born in Ankara in 1982. As a daughter of a soldier, she ran, played and shared in the gardens of the military housings and that was how she found out the fact that sharing a loaf of bread tastes better than the bread itself.

She studied in Foreign Language department of Anamur High school. Thanks to her teachers who showed that the best medicine is SYMPATHY and LOVE, while she was studying, she was always sure of her objectives and the obstacles she encountered became solely resting points for her.

She practiced the languages she learned in a tiny province, where she vowed to prove that anyone with or without the opportunities could learn foreign languages, by using the right method and material.

In 13 years, she taught 5300 people English and French. When she became successful and prosperous, she helped people having financial difficulties , because sharing does not mean consuming, but gaining and cooperation is the best means for societies to develop. She wanted to spread the best action after loving which is sharing and she founded SEYEV. She became one of the youngest founder of a foundation in the country.

SEYEV is the only foundation in Turkey which doesn't accept monetary donations.

What our volunteers do?

They know that the most precious gift in life is 'time' ,thus they allocate their time to the tiny architects of our future in schools chosen by Seyev. They RELATE their academic, vocational and life related information.

They SHARE by donating all kinds of written, visual and social materials to support of the development of creative thinking.

They convey their talents, they know that the world needs dreamers and people who strive to achieve their dreams and they BROADEN THEIR HORIZONS by reminding students that each one of them is a miracle.

They teach. They sing. They perform. They play music. They convince. Open themselves and others to the world.

they harvest the sprouts, while there is still time...

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