• We are radical advocates of unconditional access
  • to language education tools
  • publicizing the fact that every major conflict in our world
  • can be boiled down by creating an atmosphere of mutual respect
  • underlining the fact that the first prerequisite of such atmosphere
  • is verbal and cultural understanding.
  • That’s why we are actively dedicated to this cause
  • saying no to prejudice, bigotry, bias and racism.

Mutual respect,
is the essence of peace.


Active supporter,


children reached.


parents supported.

Latest Projects


Altındağ’da bulunan ve Seyev'in 2015 yılından beri destekçisi olduğu Abdullah Tokur Ortaokulu; 3-7 Nisan tarihleri arasında Ankara Gençlik ve Spor Federasyonu´nun düzenlediği Bocce Müsabakalarına...

Ahmet Baran: Dilin Kanunu Var
Charity Event

Başta gönüllü dil eğitimi olmak üzere, tüm ülke çapında eğitimin daha ileri seviyelere gelebilmesi için çeşitli yardımlar yapan SEYEV, 29 Nisan Cumartesi günü...


During the seminar organized on the occasion of 3-9 november Organ Donation Week in DÜYADER nursing care to older adults coordination, Seda Yekeler, chairman of the executive board of Seyev and Timür Gürgan, owner of Gürgan clinic...

Seyev Young Academy

The members of Seyev Young Academy that we support both nationally and internationally are continuously improving themselves to become the most successful businessman...


The event organized by Seyev's support will take place at TOBB University in September. The goal of the 'Future Medicine' is to benefit from the experience of...

Seyev Language Town:
Beytepe Secondary School
Dil Eğitim Araçları

Language learning process, by its nature, can only be completed by listening and speaking. Bridging the gap between students and foreign language becoming a taboo is still a subject of...

Emirler Kesikkavak Secondary School
Bağış Okullarımız

Emirler Kesikkavak Secondary School which is 150 km away from the center of Ankara, is a village school attached to Haymana county. Along with the students...

Lisbon Open 2016

‘Lisbon Open’ organized with the participation of people from the four corners of the world and having a special place among international debate tournaments was held in...

Bilkent-SEYEV Turkey Cup

The debate tournament organized between 10-11 December was held with the participation of 20 teams from distinguished universities of Turkey...

TOBB ETÜ 'All the Colors of Business'

Sponsored by Seyev and Türk Telekom and organized by Innovative Development and Economy Society, the event was held between 3-4-5 February 2016...

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Our mission—unchanged since 2005— is to raise awareness of the importance of Foreign Language Education, both nationwide and worldwide, facilitating enablers throughout the process and ultimately connecting them to respective recipients.

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

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